We offer a variety of services to keep your family healthy

Treatments & Services

Pain Management

Relieve chronic pain, migraine headaches, and acute injuries (sprains, strains) with prolotherapy,  acupuncture, mesotherapy, trigger point injections, or ultrasound therapy.

Nutrient IVs

Stay hydrated, correct nutrient deficiencies, lose weight, or increase energy with our nutrient IV cocktails or easy vitamin injections.

Bioidentical Hormones

Balance your hormones and get relief from low energy, acne, PMS, insomnia, headaches, erectile dysfunction, and many other health concerns.  We offer hormone therapy for both men and women.


Eliminate waste more efficiently, restore organ function, regulate mood and clarity, increase energy, improve the condition of your skin, or break addictions with our cleansing programs.  Choose from medically supervised fasts or individual and group juice cleanses.

Weight Loss

Finally shed those unwanted pounds with our safe, natural, and effective weight loss protocols. We run diagnostic testing to rule out processes responsible for weight gain, offer bioimpedance analysis, group fitness challenges/activities, nutritional guidance, and injection & supplement therapy.